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Established 2006

Laskowski & Co Estate Agents

Specialists in the marketing and sale of all types of property.

We fully appreciate your property purchase, whether a first home, investment or retirement property, is a massive financial and emotional decision, not to be taken lightly. Therefore, we will do our utmost to understand your requirements and help find for you your ideal home in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.

We relish contact from all prospective purchasers, no matter how early in the process your initial contact may be, and we fully appreciate the critical importance buyers place in our honesty, objectivity, knowledge and professionalism. We will always we strive to exceed your expectations in these respects, and never will we mislead buyers or distort circumstances to their disadvantage. Our aim is to ensure the buyers we deal with ‘today’, will want to sell through us ‘tomorrow’.

The professionals you choose to assist you in your purchase will have a profound impact on the progress of the transaction; we can assist you by recommending solicitors, surveyors and mortgage brokers whom we know will provide you with correct advice. We never ask for or receive payment for such recommendations as this can only ‘cloud’ the advice provided.

Do, of course, use all the tools at your disposal to amass information about the area and properties you are most interested in. Don’t, however, underestimate the critical importance of viewing as many suitable homes as possible as, on very many occasions, the property that is ‘marginal’ on your computer screen, simply feels ‘right’ on the viewing. Consequently, we will always be pleased to arrange for you to visit any potentially suitable properties we are offering for sale. Don’t be frightened to compromise, it’s inevitable, and don’t ignore your own gut instinct, it’s rarely wrong.

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